Back to Basics: by Elle

I believe there should be four basic parts to every woman’s outfit. Here’s what they are, with a few examples:

Every outfit needs a bottom, a top, a shoe, and an accessory.

The bottom can be a pant (jean, legging, slack) or skirt (upper knee, below the knee, maxi) and the top can be a blouse or cami. Obviously, we all wear shoes, so I will just explain the best types as I give outfit examples. Finally, we come to accessories. These can be anything from the blazer over a cami to a pair of statement earrings, from a bright necklace to a cute bag.

Outfit 1- Casual Daytime. Keep it simple with a light wash skinny jean paired with a black long sleeved t-shirt. Black boots or booties and a vest in a fun color or pattern. If black isn’t your color, try a navy top with brown booties!

Photo by Ambar Simpang on

Outfit 2- Office Wear. Dressy, yet comfortable and something you can be confident in. Try boot-cut, navy slacks with a cream, short sleeved blouse that isn’t too form fitting (nice and flowy). For shoes, go with tan flats or nude closed-toed high heels. Add a navy or red blazer and some fun lipstick for a pop of color!

Photo by Martine Savard on
Photo by Christina Morillo on

Outfit 3- Date Night. Cute, yet functional! Dark wash skinny jeans with a fun colored or patterned top (long or short sleeved). Booties, brown or black, depending on the color you choose for a top (navy or brown in the top = brown shoes, black or gray in the top = black shoes). Add a neutral cardigan and a fun bag, and some fun earrings in a unique shape or fun color!

Photo by Godisable Jacob on

Casual Daytime, Office Wear, and Date Night are the three types of outfits most people use on a weekly basis, at least that’s what I think! Let me know if you have any comments or questions about building an outfit; I will be thrilled to answer and post more basics! -Elle

Here’s my example of Casual Daytime or Date Night! Photo Credit: Caraline Grebner

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