Two-thirds and Over it.

I have just hit my third trimester! Happy 7 months to us… Can we please speed up time now?

This journey has been quite a doozy from the very beginning. For the whole first trimester I was on a diet of dry toast and chicken noodle soup. Morning sickness was all day, every day and I couldn’t catch a break from the nausea.

Transitioning into the second trimester was wonderful at first because the nausea was finally subsiding, and then I starting having palpitation-like movements of my heart near the end of month 4. I was admitted to the cardiac unit and they diagnosed me with a condition that essentially means my heart rate jumps way too high, way too fast, but only sometimes. So I was prescribed a medication to take that helps with the tachycardia (the jumping of my heart rate).

At 5 1/2 months I became ill with pregnancy related nausea and was sick for two weeks. I wasn’t able to go to work, as I was running to the bathroom every hour or so. I became dehydrated and was admitted to the hospital again and given fluids. After those two weeks, I caught the stomach flu, which knocked me out again for another week. I finally got to work again after a total of three weeks off. Many people would enjoy that long of a “break” but I didn’t do anything fun during that time. I slept and stared at my walls. And was back to the diet of dry toast and chicken noodle soup.

When I finally got to 6 1/2 months, I began having contractions that were close enough together that I had to be monitored in the hospital. Thankfully, our little guy wasn’t ready to come yet… but I’m still having quite intense Braxton-Hicks contractions just about every day, but they’re irregular. Apparently these “false contractions” are to prepare a body for labor and delivery, but I’d be thankful if they stopped for a while. Because of how intense these have been, along with all of the other medical issues I’ve had during this pregnancy, I have been restricted of traveling more than 30 minutes or so from the hospital I’ll be delivering at, starting a month before the due date.

The best part about all of these months filled with sickness, time off work, and contractions has been getting to feel (and see!) this baby kick and wiggle around. He has been super healthy throughout this whole pregnancy, even when I haven’t been- his heart rate is wonderful every time we hear it at the doctor and he has been showing fantastic movement since about month 5. Yesterday was the 28 Week appointment and we’re measuring about two weeks bigger than we are… Everyone is predicting he will be here before his due date, but hoping it’s not more than a couple of weeks!

With all of the expectations I had for pregnancy from what I had seen on social media and from reports of people I know, I was expecting most of this time to be filled with glowing and a cute bump and happy tears. I got the opposite, mostly, with night sweats and nausea and lots of sick-tears. At the end of the day, when I lay down and feel Winston kick and wiggle, I know that “it’s all going to be worth it” when he gets here. I’m willing to put in the hard work for him to be a healthy and happy baby… but gosh, I am so over the whole thing. I have already decided that I will not have another baby after Winston because I don’t want to put myself (and all of my loved ones taking care of me) through this craziness again.

And, speaking of those loved ones, I have to just mention how amazing my support system has been:

My wonderful fiancee, Matt, has been bending over backwards from the beginning to make sure that Winston and I have everything we need, on top of working more than full-time hours at his new job. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through all 9 months of this pregnancy, but Matt has made life so much better. Even when I don’t feel good he makes me smile and laugh. He helps me remember that this is only temporary, and even though it kind of stinks sometimes, we’ll get to have a healthy baby boy in the end. He keeps me looking on the bright side and looking forward to our future together. I am so thankful, appreciative, and immensely proud of this man. -Thank you, Matt.

My amazing mom has been by my side through all of the tough stuff and for the happy times. She is encouraging and she reminds me of who I am and what the end goals are, especially when I’m in a hormone-induced overly-dramatic frame of mind. She keeps it real with me, but makes sure to give me all the support I need. -Thank you, Mom.

Best friends are hard to find, and luckily I stumbled upon mine in the 8th grade. Abby has been such a ray of sunshine on days when I am sick and feeling gloomy. She makes me remember happy moments from when we were kids and from back in high school. This chick knows me inside and out and she isn’t afraid to call me out when I need it. She keeps me sane when I just need someone to vent to and she gives great advice when I need it. I can’t wait for Winston to have such a great role model. -Thank you, Abby.

And then there is my future mother-in-law; She has been a saint, literally. God could not have blessed me with a better woman to have as a new family member. When Matt and I stay on Saturday nights to be able to get up for church Sunday morning, she is always up when we get there, just to make sure she can chat with us before bed. As much as we are baby-prepping, she is too. She wants to make sure that we know we can go to her for help and support any time, even when Winston will wake up crying at three a.m. and I know that she will be one of the best grandmas in the world. -Thank you, Kris.

So, I am over this pregnancy. But I am happy that our little guy is safe and healthy and I am happy to have such a fantastic group of people surrounding me.

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