Statement Jewelry: The 411 on Necklaces

Picking out the best necklace for an outfit can be tough! Here’s my take on what you could be doing to help pull your outfit together!

The first part of picking any piece of jewelry at the store is to consider your skin tone. Is your skin tone warmer or cooler? The best way to test this is to stand in natural light and look at your wrist. If your veins appear more green, you have a warm tone and if the veins appear more blue, you have a cool tone. There are also people with a more neutral skin tone, so the veins don’t appear more green or blue, but rather both! People with warm skin tones typically look really good in golds- yellow and rose, as well as copper and brass metals. Cool skin tones usually look really good in white gold, silver, and platinum. People with neutral skin tones typically pull of any metal really well. Skin tone, however, does not mean that you HAVE to only stick to the example above, but it can be a good starting place, especially if you are new to the jewelry world!

Shape: If you are wearing a top with a boat neck or crew neck, you should chose a necklace that is rounded in shape. If you are wearing a v-neck top, you should wear a necklace that is a v-shaped.

Length: In my world, there are three ways to wear a necklace- long, mid-short, or short! Your long necklace should end just below your bust and your mid-short necklace should end right around the top of your sternum. Short necklaces should end at least one centimeter above your neckline but not higher than three centimeters. Reasoning- The necklace could sit awkwardly on your chest or fall inside your shirt. Pearl necklaces, though, are one exception. They are meant to sit higher, more around the collarbone area!

Color: If you are not wearing a metal based necklace, you likely will go with something colorful! If you choose a pastel or a light/soft hue for your necklace, your outfit should have at least one other, bolder color or pattern. (Examples: Dark wash jeans, royal blue blouse, light pink necklace or light wash jeans, black and white patterned blouse, lilac or baby blue necklace.) If you chose a bold, bright hue for your necklace, your outfit should be more subtle to let your necklace do the talking. (Examples: Black jeans or leggings, flowy black blouse, bright red necklace or dark wash jeans, white blouse, green/emerald or blue necklace.)

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This is a great example of skin tone and shape! The woman in this photograph has more of a cool skin tone, so the silver goes well. The top she is wearing is a deep crew neck, so going with a rounded shape was good! The only thing I would change is the length of this necklace- It sits just a couple centimeters too high from the center of the shirt.

Photo by on

This necklace is a good example of something bold, not necessarily in color, but definitely in pattern and material! I like how the shirt and blazer are both neutrals, but in my opinion, the tan in her necklace would be better with a tan blazer. Also, I think that this necklace is just a bit too long and should sit about an inch higher so that it’s not in the middle of her chest.

A couple more examples:

Let’s say that you have some really amazing red shoes you want to wear. You could put together a really light wash of jean, a white blouse, and a bright red necklace. Add some bright red lipstick and your cool shoes will stick out, along with your necklace and lips! This creates three points of interest in your outfit, so you’ll know you look super great! One suggestion for an outfit like this is to ensure that your reds all match. If you have a bright red shoe, a purple-red necklace, and an orange-red lipstick… you’ll look like a hot mess.

What if you have a necklace made up of many colors? I would suggest letting the necklace be the star of the show. I would wear all black or dark wash jeans with a cream or tan blouse. Remember the shoe rule: black based outfit = black shoes and tan based outfit = tan shoes! If your necklace has both blacks and browns, go with a cream shirt, dark wash jeans, and black shoes!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know! -Elle

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